Boeri Lake

Boeri Lake can be reached on a 1 hour hike of moderate difficulty. This trail in the World Heritage Site takes you past hot and cold springs gushing from the side of Morne Macaque, past crystal clear streams, through old gardens and montane forest. The lake sits at an elevation of 850 m and covers some four acres.

It is located in the crater of an old volcano in which Morne Macaque (also known locally as Morne Micotrin) was formed, separating Boeri from Freshwater Lake. Fed by rainfall and runoff, the water level varies with the seasons, reaching its highest point between October and December. Walk up the ridge to Boeri Lake for some superb panoramic views of Dominica. The hike to Boeri Lake begins at Freshwater Lake and is a moderate 2 km walk. The path is rocky and can be slippery, especially in the rain.

Boeri Lake Brochure of the Ministry of Tourism.

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