Bubble Beach Spa

Bubble Beach Spa is a cool spot to hang out at the beach, have a dip in a hot spring, see volcanic bubbles in the water, and do some of the best snorkeling in the world.

Bubble Beach is located in Soufrière, about 40 minutes ride from Cocoa Cottage at the South-West coast of Dominica. The area is a Marine Reserve called Soufrière Scotts Head Marine Reserve. The beach is a pebble beach with a little bar and a place to change clothes. It is not fancy, but really cool. The views toward Scotts Head and onto the mountains of Dominica are simply amazing. Rainbows, sunsets, beach chairs, drinks, sometimes even simple food: this is a place to relax and lay back. You can rent snorkeling equipment at the bar.

There is a pool right at the beach where water from a hot spring is collected. It is surprisingly warm! The volcanic activity can also be seen under water right at the beach: bubbles of volcanic gases rise to the surface and are really beautiful to look at.

In front of the beach, about 200 to swim, is a pristine reef, one of the best spots to snorkel on Dominica. The reef tip is marked with a buoy. You can swim all around the corner along a steep underwater wall, and along a steep cliff that dives into the ocean. There is a small pebble beach when you swim around the corner where you can catch your breath before you head back. Be careful on that beach: big rocks can break off the cliff and fall onto the beach. This is quite a swim, so you need to be a really good swimmer to enjoy this great snorkeling spot. Take your fins, don’t go alone, and only go in fair weather.

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