Boiling Lake

The Boiling Lake is a flooded fumarole located in Morne Trois Pitons National Park. The Boiling Lake is approximately 70m across and is the second-largest hot lake in the world. It is literally boiling! Many of our guests do this very difficult hike, and they come back very happy and with lots of stories to tell.

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Waitukubuli Trail

The Waitukubuli Trail is the longest hiking trail in the Caribbean: it is a stunning 185 km long. It has 14 segments, beginning in the southern village of Scott’s Head, and ending in the north at Cabrit’s National Park. The trail had to be partially closed and cleared after Hurricane Maria in 2017. As of summer 2020, almost all segments are open for hiking.

Cocoa Cottage is located close to segment 3 and 4. Please ask our manager about the status of the segments of the trail. We can also recommend a guide to help you experience this beautiful hiking experience.

Boeri Lake

Boeri Lake can be reached on a 1 hour hike of moderate difficulty. This trail in the World Heritage Site takes you past hot and cold springs gushing from the side of Morne Macaque, past crystal clear streams, through old gardens and montane forest. The lake sits at an elevation of 850 m and covers some four acres.

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Ti Kwen Glo Cho

Ti Kwen Glo Cho is our favorite place to go for a bath in a hot sulphur/iron spring. The Spa has two large hot pools, and plenty of water to take a cold shower. The pools are located in a beautiful garden. At the entrance you can get drinks, and they have a huge choice of different Bush Rums.
Sandrine also prepares delicious meals. Please call her in advance if you like to eat there: Phone/WhatsApp: +1 (767) 285-9131 or +1 (767) 295-4432.

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Freshwater Lake

Just 3 kilometers north-east of the village of Laudat is the Freshwater Lake, which can be reached via the historic Chimen Létan or “Lake Road”. There is a nice hike around the lake, and the hiking trail to Boeri Lake starts at the end of the road. You can rent Kayaks at the visitors facility when it is open.

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Champagne Reef

Named for the bubbling waters rising from volcanic thermal springs on the ocean floor, Champagne Reef attracts diving and snorkeling enthusiasts from around the world.

Champagne Beach is about 30 minutes drive from Cocoa Cottage, on the South-West coast of Dominica.

The bubbles are at the South end of the beach, in front of a fallen white tree, close to the coast.

The reef, which is really a beautiful snorkeling spot, is further out. Swim out about 100-150 meters, and around 100 meters further south than the bubbles. You will find several large coral encrusted rock formations and a 30 meter deep almost perpendicular wall with huge sponges and other colorful reef creatures.

There is a small bar called Donnie’s Shop, where you can ask for a guide for exploring the reef, or rent equipment.

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