Champagne Reef

Named for the bubbling waters rising from volcanic thermal springs on the ocean floor, Champagne Reef attracts diving and snorkeling enthusiasts from around the world.

Champagne Beach is about 30 minutes drive from Cocoa Cottage, on the South-West coast of Dominica.

The bubbles are at the South end of the beach, in front of a fallen white tree, close to the coast.

The reef, which is really a beautiful snorkeling spot, is further out. Swim out about 100-150 meters, and around 100 meters further south than the bubbles. You will find several large coral encrusted rock formations and a 30 meter deep almost perpendicular wall with huge sponges and other colorful reef creatures.

There is a small bar called Donnie’s Shop, where you can ask for a guide for exploring the reef, or rent equipment.

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