Getting Around

Here are some tips about getting around on Dominica, and about how to get to our island.

Dominica is a safe island. Tourist-targeted crime is rare and Dominicans are more than willing to help you out. Common sense always prevails though, so be sure to keep close track of your valuables and lock your rental car when driving or parked.

On Foot

Going on foot is the usual way the Dominicans gets around in their village or in town. Roseau is safe for walking around everywhere during the day.

In the evening and especially on the weekend, Dominicans like to have parties. So apply your usual care when going to crowded places or when encountering drunk people.

As everywhere in the world, don’t carry unusually large amounts of money with you.

Most of the sites and trailheads are about 3-5 km away. That’s why we would recommend that you get a rental car.

Rental Car

Having a rental car gives you best access to all the great sights on Dominica. We recommend to get the car from

You will need to bring a valid drivers license from your country. The rental car company will issue you a temporary local drivers license, which is valid for 30 days. You need to pay 12 US$ for this license.


For taxi service from and to Cocoa Cottage we recommend to contact (by WhatsApp):

  • McClean St. Jean (aka Big Mama) – also full day taxi +1 767 225 9344, +1 767 616 5150
  • Adnan Laflouf – also full day taxi +1 767 277 8360, +1 767 276-0515
  • Ryan Burton (especially for airport pick-up) +1 767 295 7705


You can also get around by bus. Buses are connecting the main settlements, and the capital Roseau. The bus station for the bus from Roseau to Cocoa Cottage is close to the supermarket Astaphan’s in Roseau, on King George V Road. Take any bus that goes into the Roseau Valley or to Trafalgar. Tell the driver that he/she should let you out at Cocoa Cottage. In order to get from Cocoa Cottage to Roseau, you can just wave down any bus that passes on the road coming from Trafalgar.


Hitchhiking is very common on Dominica. If you have a car, you can also take hitchhikers with you, they will be grateful.


Ferries regularly go from Dominica to Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Saint Lucia. The Ferries are operated by Express des Iles, and Valferry,

Please try to buy a ferry ticket online at least a few days before your trip. If the weather is bad, it can be good to give them a call and check if the Ferry goes. We typically have a few days per year where the ferry service is suspended due to the weather conditions on the ocean.


Dominica has two airports. The larger one is Douglas-Charles Airport (DOM) in the North of Dominica, locally known as Melville-Hall-Airport. The other one is Canefield Airport (DCF) close to Roseau. Currently, all passenger flights arrive at Douglas-Charles Airport.

Douglas-Charles Airport (DOM, locally known as Melville-Hall Airport) is about 1 hour 10 minutes drive. Make sure that you arrive well in advance of your departure.

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