The Cocoa Cottage water system is fed by a spring close by. We are not using the city water, even though we have a connection which we can activate any time. The spring water is very clean, and you can drink it without any problems, right from the tap.

On the rest of the island, we recommend that you at least ask if the tap water is OK to drink. You might be better off with buying bottled water.

Getting Around

Here are some tips about getting around on Dominica, and about how to get to our island.

Dominica is a safe island. Tourist-targeted crime is rare and Dominicans are more than willing to help you out. Common sense always prevails though, so be sure to keep close track of your valuables and lock your rental car when driving or parked.

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Wifi and Internet

Cocoa Cottage is connected to a fast DSL internet line. You will have free Wifi connection in all rooms and in all common areas. You can find the access code on the refrigerator in the kitchen, or just ask our staff.

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