Middleham Falls

Middleham Falls are a stunning sight, dropping from about 70 m height into a pool. The beautiful hike of medium difficulty runs through the rainforest of Morne Trois Pitons National Park, with some amazing views on the way. You reach the falls after about 45 minutes hike.

There is a viewing platform at the bottom of the falls. You can also have a bath in the pools below the waterfall. When you want to go from the platform to the pools, you need to be careful, as the path is slippery and includes some quite high steps. But the dip in the cool water is rewarding.

The trailhead to Middleham Falls is about 15 minutes drive from Cocoa Cottage. It is located on the left side of the road to Lauda (when going uphill). There is a sign at the street, and a small pavillon and a parking lot. Please pay the entrance fee with the guard, or get a Site Pass.

The Middleham Trail was built by the Forestry, Wildlife & Parks Division through a 950-acre tract of tropical rain forest that was donated by John D. Archbold to the Government of Dominica, through The Nature Conservancy.

The trail first crosses the Providence River. It then passes a few cultivations and a massive Maho Kochon tree, before entering the rain forest that is dominated by Gomyé (Dacryodes excelsa) and Chatannyé (Sloanea spp) trees. The Trail also takes you past some fine specimens of Yanga Palm (endemic to the Lesser Antilles) and a set of directional signs, before branching off to the left to one of Dominica’s tallest waterfalls, the Middleham Falls. A section of Segment 4 of the Waitukubili National Trail traverses the Middleham area.

Middleham Falls Brochure of the Ministry of Tourism of Dominica.

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