Money and Banks

Here is some information about money, banks, and how to pay.

Our local currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar, often referred to as EC$, but officially called XCD. It is coupled to the US$ with a fixed exchange rate of 2.7 EC$ for 1 US$.

You can pay with EC$ or with US$ on Dominica. It is sometimes possible to pay in EUR, but people definitely prefer EC$ or US$.

There are several banks in Roseau: National Bank of Dominica, Republic Bank of Trinidad, and the CIBC Bank of Canada.

You can get cash from ATMs, with the usual credit card types like Master or VISA. There are some ATMs located in Roseau. Some supermarkets have ATMs, too. And there are ATMs in Portsmouth.

You have two choices for example on Hillsborough Street: at the National Bank of Dominica, and a little further towards the water there is the Republic Bank with an ATM. The Republic Bank ATM seems to be more reliable with foreign cards.

Most supermarkets accept credit cards, but in smaller shops you need to pay cash.

At Cocoa Cottage, we prefer that you pay with either VISA or Master Card. We will present you an invoice at the end of your stay that is made out in US$ and EC$. We will charge your card in EC$ (that is the only choice, our bank doesn’t offer card transactions in US$).

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