Restaurants and Bars

This is a list of restaurants and bars. Most of the places are simple family run restaurants, some are busy bar-like places. Don’t expect too fancy food or fancy setting. Instead, enjoy the original atmosphere and the friendly people and be part of the Dominican family. Please ask our staff for information about opening hours. It might be better to call the restaurant before you go there. Especially for the restaurants close by, it is a good idea to call them in the morning if you want to go there for dinner.

Brunch’n Munch (in our neighborhood!)

Brunch’n Munch is a small restaurant in the cute village of Trafalgar. Sandrine serves delicious local food in a family-style place with a nice view into the Roseau Valley. The restaurant is just up the hill, at the end of Trafalgar village, on the left hand side, just before the T-intersection to Wotten Waven. You can drive about 5 minutes, or walk on the street for about 30 minutes.
Sandrine also delivers meals, including breakfast.

Phone/WhatsApp: +1 767-617-5912. Please call early in advance for dinner!

River Rock Cafe and Bar (in our neighborhood!)

River Rock Cafe and Bar is close to the Trafalgar Falls. It has a terrace with a nice view. Take the road uphill and stay on the road almost all the way to Trafalgar Falls. The restaurant is located about 200m before the entry to the falls. From Cocoa Cottage it is about 5 minutes by car, or a 40 minutes walk up the hill.

Phone/WhatsApp: +1 (767) 225-0815 or +1 767 448-3472. Please call early in advance for dinner!

Le Petit Paradis (in our neighborhood!)

Le Petit Paradis is a small restaurant in the village of Watten Waven. Take the road up the hill to to Trafalgar. At the end of the village, just after you see the restaurant Brunch’n Munch on your left, make a sharp right turn into the road to Watten Waven. Continue about 1.5 km on this road until you reach the center of the beautiful hillside village of Watten Waven. The restaurant is on your left, with a large sign at the street. From Cocoa Cottage it is about 10 minutes drive. You can also walk, but it will be about 1 hour, mainly uphill, on the road.

Phone/WhatsApp: +1 (767) 276-2761 or +1 767-448-5946. Please call early in advance for dinner!

Ti Kwen Glo Cho (in our neighborhood!)

Ti Kwen Glo Cho is a beautiful garden with hot springs. But they also serve delicious food. June, the owner and chef, prepares meals on demand. So you have to call before you go there for lunch or dinner.

Phone/WhatsApp: +1 (767) 285-9131 or +1 (767) 295-4432

Please also see our post on Ti Kwen Glo Cho

Starline Ital Kitchen

This is a vegetarian restaurant in Roseau. Ital is the typical food connected to the Rastafarian culture. The Ital Kitchen is on the first floor of a traditional house, with a beautiful veranda.

Batibou Beach

Batibou Beach has a cool beach restaurant. You will sit at a counter in a beach hut. As far as we know, you need to make a reservation before you go, it is not always open. Have a look at our Batibou Beach blog.

Bubble Beach Spa

Bubble beach is an amazing beach with perfect snorkeling, a hot spring, and yes: a bar. They sometimes also serve food, but they are definitely serving drinks. Have a look at our Bubble Beach Spa blog.


Lacou is located in the courtyard of historic Melrose House, in the center of Roseau. It serves highly rated meals, in an impressive historic building.

Phone/WhatsApp: +1 (767) 613-3017

Lacou on Instagram

Hi Rise Bar and Restaurant

Hi Rise is a bar and restaurant directly at the waterfront in Roseau, with a nice view onto the harbour. It is opposite the ferry building. They serve very good food.

Phone/WhatsApp: +1 (767) 265-4875

Ocean’s Edge

Ocean’s edge is one of the few restaurants directly at the sea. They have a beautiful terrace, and serve delicious food. They are located on the property of the dive shop Dive Dominica, about 2 km south of Roseau.

Phone/WhatsApp: +1 (767) 616-7077

Muzikland One Pot Bar and Restaurant

This is a really cool place. It is rather a bar than a restaurant, but they also serve some food. You can sit at the tiny balcony (with really loud music) and watch the crowd on the street.

Ruin’s Rock Café

Cool bar, pretty large, and very busy when cruise ships are anchored.

Petit Paris Restaurant and Bar

This is a small restaurant and café at the waterside. Nice setting, good international food. Not to be mixed up with Le Petit Paradis which is up the hill in Watten Waven.

Chez Wen

Chez Wen is a beach-side restaurant in Scott’s head. It is the perfect sunset place (but also open for lunch), with an amazing terrace and gorgeous views over the ocean.

Phone/WhatsApp: +1 (767) 615-5452. Please call early in advance for dinner!

Ka Tai

Ka Tai is a bar and restaurant in Roseau. They have live music on some days, Karaoke on others.

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