Titou Gorge

Titou Gorge is a magic place to visit. It is a narrow gap or crack between two high rock walls. A stream flows at the bottom of this crack, and the sunlight shines in from far above. You swim into the Gorge in the stream, for about 50 meters, until you reach the end of the Gorge. There you find a waterfall. If you dare to, you can get very close to the waterfall and bathe under it. The distance between the walls is about 5 meters, and there is no place to stand up or to hold on to. So please put the life jacket on that is supplied to you at the entry to the Gorge.

If you go on a tour to the Boiling Lake, your guide will typically visit Titou Gorge with you, for a refreshing splash after the strenuous hike.

Titou Gorge is about 20 minutes drive from Cocoa Cottage, beyond the village of Laudat. Take the road downhill from Cocoa Cottage and turn sharp right after 200m, uphill towards Laudat , at the intersection with the main road between Laudat and Roseau.