Trafalgar Falls

These famous twin waterfalls are just around the corner from Cocoa Cottage. You drive up the hill towards the village of Trafalgar, and continue to the end of the road. It is about 10 minutes drive to the entrance of the site, or about 1 hour walk on the road, through the cute village of Trafalgar.

At the Trafalgar Falls site, it’s a short 10 to 15 minute walk along a well-maintained path to the visitor reception area, where you can photograph both falls from a viewing platform.

The more daring can continue on to swim in the refreshing waters of the smaller waterfall or find the hot springs of the tallest (left) fall, if the water level is low and there is no heavy rain forecasted.

You can see the hot waterfall from the platform: it is on the left side of the left waterfall, in the area where the stones are brown. You can climb up to this hot spring, close to a cold pool, within about 15 minutes from the platform. Try it out, it is absolutely gorgeous! Wear shoes that can get wet, and expect to get some mud on your trousers, because you might have to sit on some rocks. Also be careful because the stones are extremely slippery.

Go down the 20 steps to the river, and stay on the left side. After about 20 meters, you have to take the path through the wood, for about 100 meters. It comes out at the river again. Continue along the boulders, until you find two big ones which form a V-shape. Climb through the V, and wade through the pool on the other side. Then you are almost there: climb up a few more meters, and leave your belongings there. From there, you go in the river until you reach the hot waterfall and the cold pool.

Trafalgar Falls Brochure of the Ministry of Tourism

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